We have plumped for Gumroad as our Digital Partner of Choice for a number of reasons, mainly because we (the creators of the music) retain unlimited control over important stuff like pricing, content and where and when we sell our music. iTunes is fantastic, make no mistake, and they have helped us sell many copies of our compilation album The Collection 1992-2012, but if we want to offer a reduced price on iTunes, or add a bonus track here and there, we can't.

Gumroad supports independent artists (like us) in a big way and you will find lots of interesting music there, most of which will be unavailable on mainstream sites like iTunes and Google Play. Well worth checking out.

Downloading onto mobile devices with Gumroad
If you download using your phone or tablet, you will need to listed to the music on the Gumroad app, which is free at the App Store.

But I want to use iTunes
Not a problem. Don't download on a mobile device, simply download onto your home computer, open the tracks (which arrive in a zip file), put them into your iTunes folder, and sync the computer with your mobile device.

For more information about all things Gumroad, check out their web site .


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